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Happy New Year.  Join GMS pre-marriage workshop on 1.18.20.. and our Summer Series on being a prudent wife... 

The Great Shepherd

This song really speaks to my spirit.. I can hear God speaking this in my meditation time with him.. Listen and be bless... 

About Me


My Background

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and went to Homewood High School. After graduation, I went to college in Kentucky and ended up coming home in 2004. I have been working as an full time nurse for over 14 years but I have decided to answer a higher calling from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm enjoying my journey and thanks for joining me. 


About me...

When I'm not at work, I really love the deliverance ministry that I have been called to. I'm an ordained minister. I am a member of the national  association of christian ministers. I am a servant of the faith. I am spiritual and I also believe in the five fold ministry.  l love to cook and attend live events. I love to travel and explore God's beautiful creations. I love rainy days. I love being in an atmosphere of worship. My favorite color is orange because it reminds me of  beautiful sunsets. I will continue to keep you updated on my latest adventure and travel, so stay tuned.  


My Ministry

I am the founder of God's Servant Outreach Ministries in Alabama. As a Messenger of the most high, I believe that Jesus is the only way. I was ordained by God, way before I decided to answer the called. My zeal and passion for God is unquenchable. Join me in the journey, as we together reach for the higher calling of the Lord. My affiliations 

- The National Association of Christian Ministers

- Secretary for the Sixth Ave Baptist Church Toastmasters

- Revival leader for Global Awakening 

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Are you in need of direction?

You have come to the right place. To God be all the Glory...


Are you in need of Prayer?

Call or Email your request and we will pray and intercede on your behalf. Amen...


Prophetess or Simply God’s Servant

I am learning and loving all that God has called me to be... Join us as we begin to grow in love and in faith... From Glory to Glory and from Faith to Faith....!!!! To God be all the glory!

1/18/2020 at the Hoover Public Library. We will have an array of guest, to prepare you for your next level.


Dr. Seuss's Nightly Watch Party

9pm - 12am

Sydney James Mountain Lodge

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Dr. Seuss's Nightly Watch Party

The whole family is invited. We are having a whimsical youth spring break. Fun for the entire family every night from 9pm-12am. Dr Seuss party from a biblical perspective. Join us... The cost is $80 a night and reservations is free. 

Promo Code: God's Servant Ministries 

9pm - 12am

Sydney James Mountain Lodge


The Last Word with Lady Eden

All day


Event Details


The Last Word with Lady Eden


All day


The Year of 20/20 vision


Preparing Christians for a lifetime!

See Flyer for more details !


Hot off the press!!!The Last Word with Lady Eden

Extra Extra, read all about it!!  I,  Lady Eden is hosting a podcast, as well as a YouTube channel. Come be a part of the this powerful move of God!! 

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